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My own Powershell posts

PowerShell for Windows -Intropowershell introduction
Install VMware Tools with PowerShellInstall VMware tools on W2K16 Core
PowerShell getting startedPowerShell – What you need to know to get started
PowerShell commands that will do the trickPowerShell Cmdlets that will save your time and energy
Quick introduction about creating Help file in your scriptsPowerShell- Create Help section in your scripts

RSS Feed – Powershell Planet

  • Wanting to learn how PowerShell scripting works, but don't know where to start? Learn 5 PowerShell script examples in this tutorial to kick start your scripting journey!
  • Learn how to get started automating and writing scripts with PowerShell in Linux in this informative tutorial.
  • We take a look at how to find the right verb for naming our PowerShell commands.
  • I haven’t really been blogging the last week, that’s mostly because I’ve been focused on the CyberDrainCTF, which is going amazing. I am so happy with another successful event. Today, to catch up I figured I’d cover a request I saw in MSPGeek. One of the users there wanted to centrally change the branding of… […]
  • In einer klassischen Exchange Onpremises Umgebung, haben viele die selben Probleme mit vollen Partitionen auf Grund von Logging (nicht Transaktionsprotokolle). Wie können also Exchange Installationspartitionen aufgeräumt werden? Vor einiger Zeit stellte die alte Technet Gallery ein Bereinigungsskrit über PowerShell zur Verfügung. Leider gibt es die Technet Gallery (R.I.P.) nun nicht mehr. Das Skript kann in […]

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