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My own Powershell posts

PowerShell for Windows -Intropowershell introduction
Install VMware Tools with PowerShellInstall VMware tools on W2K16 Core
PowerShell getting startedPowerShell โ€“ What you need to know to get started
PowerShell commands that will do the trickPowerShell Cmdlets that will save your time and energy
Quick introduction about creating Help file in your scriptsPowerShell- Create Help section in your scripts

RSS Feed – Powershell Planet

  • When you are in an environment with strict internet access, you need to figure out what to open to what destination for Microsoft services like Exchange Online, Teams, Endpoint Manager, and so on. Microsoft publishes this on their website but in the blog post, I would like to show you a nice way of outputting […]
  • Last weekend this site passed the 25K views mark! Nice to see that people read my blogs and also that I get feedback on them, thank you all ๐Ÿ™‚ In this blog post, I would like to tell you about how I got into IT from a young age!
  • Some handy tips to add extra functionality to your PowerShell session
  • Just a little fun thing for a Friday, text-to-speech! We used this many years ago at the office, sending this to the laptop of a colleague and having fun while heโ€™s trying to figure out where the voice is coming from ๐Ÿ™‚ How it works There is a System.Speech assembly which can be used to […]
  • In this article, I'll go into detail on how I rejuvenated this site, focusing on key technical aspects along the way.

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