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My own Powershell posts

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RSS Feed – Powershell Planet

  • PasswordSolution uses the DSInternals PowerShell module to gather Active Directory hashes and then combines that data into a prettified report. If you have ever used DSInternals, you know that while very powerful, it comes with raw data that is hard to process and requires some skills to get it into a state that can be […]
  • This week the annual Dutch Experts Live meeting was there again in Den Bosch, I was there together with some of my colleagues from NEXXT, and this is my impression of the event 🙂
  • The Get-IISAppPool cmdlet helps to access and configure Internet Information Services (IIS) application pools. This cmdlet is available within the IISAdministration PowerShell module. It enables users to retrieve information, such as application pool name, .Net framework version, runtime version, state, and recycling settings of an existing IIS application pool. This cmdlet examines the applicationHost.config configuration… […]
  • Earlier this Spring, I released a new function called Get-TypeMember. The function is in the PSScriptTools module. I wrote about that release here. This command is an alternative to Get-Member that includes more details. The other day I pushed a new version that makes it easier to identify properties that are enumerations. The function has…
  • Learn what the PowerShell If Statement construct is, understand its syntax and how it works.

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