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My own Powershell posts

PowerShell for Windows -Intropowershell introduction
Install VMware Tools with PowerShellInstall VMware tools on W2K16 Core
PowerShell getting startedPowerShell – What you need to know to get started
PowerShell commands that will do the trickPowerShell Cmdlets that will save your time and energy
Quick introduction about creating Help file in your scriptsPowerShell- Create Help section in your scripts

RSS Feed – Powershell Planet

  • I wrote blog posts about how to use an API for Slack and Twitter messages, but… Mastodon is also there now, and I thought… Ok, can I Toot in Mastodon using PowerShell? This blog post will show you how 😉
  • Learn all of the ins and outs of the PowerShell Write-Output cmdlet and take control of script and object output in this ATA Learning tutorial!
  • In Active Directory (AD), the PasswordLastSet and pwdLastSet attributes refer to the same property of an AD object – the time and date when the password for that object was last changed. This attribute is used to enforce password policies and track when a password was last changed. This quick post helps you understand these… […]
  • This week I got the news that my latest PowerShell book has been published and is available for order:You can order it today from all the usual places, including https://smile.amazon.co.uk/Windows-Server-Automation-PowerShell-Cookbook/dp/1804614238.This book updates earlier editions and covers, specifically, PowerShell 7.2 (as an LTS release) and Windows Server 2022. It should also be useful if you are using […]
  • I like using MarkDown to format text and Obsidian to save my notes, and sometimes you want to export the output from cmdlets or scripts for future reference. This blog post will show you how to easily save that output to a new or existing MarkDown file.

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