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My own Powershell posts

PowerShell for Windows -Intropowershell introduction
Install VMware Tools with PowerShellInstall VMware tools on W2K16 Core
PowerShell getting startedPowerShell – What you need to know to get started
PowerShell commands that will do the trickPowerShell Cmdlets that will save your time and energy

RSS Feed – Powershell Planet

  • If you're new to classes in PowerShell, this tutorial is for you. Learn from square one how to create and work with PowerShell classes.
  • Perform a Winsock Reset with the netsh winsock reset command and TCP/IP reset with the netsh int ip reset command to fix common network problems!
  • Recently I wrote about reporting on individual Azure AD Users Authentication Methods using Microsoft Graph and PowerShell. Whilst this is great at a user level, Azure AD Authentication Methods Summary Reports at an organization level are often requested by IT Management.… keep reading The post Azure AD Authentication Methods Summary Reports using Microsoft Graph and […]
  • You have seen on the interwebs many blog posts and videos about setting up a Secure DSC pull server with SQL authentication with a local SQL service account. What I have not seen is a tutorial for how to setup a secure DSC Pull Server with a SQL Database using a Group Managed Service Account […]
  • Yesterday, I found myself walking through the usage of a couple of the cmdlets in the PKIClient (or PKI) module. Due to a project I’m working on, I may soon find myself needing and creating a self-signed certificate. Because I’m not yet ready to implement this code, I thought it made sense to use my […]