Install VMware Tools on Windows 2016 Core


In this post I will explain quickly how to install VMware Tools package inside your Windows 2016 Core server VM.

The main point to keep in mind with Windows 2016 Core is that, as the GUI feature is not available, not all installers will work with this version. You need to check with vendor if the software you want to install is compatible with 2016 Core

Regarding VMware, the VM tools installer is fully compatible with the core version of Windows

The procedure:

Note: The procedure here considers that you already mount the VMware tools ISO on your VM via the VMware vSphere Client or VMware workstation GUI.

1)Log on to the guest OS

2) Check that the VMware Tools ISO is mounted to the guest OS by running the Powershell command: Get-volume

3)Identify the drive letter of your Virtual DVD drive (typically the ISO mounted by VMware vSphere Client or VMware Workstation)

4)Navigate to the drive letter of your Virtual DVD (in our case d: ) by typing d: at the prompt

5) Launch the installer by typing the following command in the prompt .\setup.exe and wait for the installer to run as shown in the following screenshot

6) Install the VMware Tools depending on your needs (Typical, Complete, Custom) as shown here under and wait for the installation to finish.

7) At then end of the installation, reboot the VM by selecting yes as detailed in the screenshot here under

8) Check the VMware tools service is running by typing the following command at the prompt: get-service -Name VMTools

You should get the following result …. Ta-Da!!! Enjoy πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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